Lakeland Conference


Excellent presentation from Gary Nielsen – Climate Change Program Coordinator, Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). Stunning data and stunning slides! These are the folks, the likes of Gary, that we need to explain “ecoscience 101”. UNFORTUNATELY, due to the one-window-protocol introduced by then-ON-premier Mike Harris in the late 1990s, MoE & MNR expertise is side-lined in deference to planning/development priorities. This must change and is already starting to be recognized, eg 2014 PPS and increasing citizen
awareness of the importance of climate change and its impact on ecosystems. Political decisions are often short-term and that, too, must change as we
commit to a future of respect and sustainability for future genrations and a shared existence on the planet. Next topics: ECOSYSTEM INTEGRITY, MNR/MoE-informed sustainability and resilience policies and political decisions: this is the responsible path forward!

Thanks to the Lakeland Alliance folks & partners who came “home to Apsley” to deliver their 13th annual conference that started here.

Did you know that the first one happened here in North Kawartha?

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