Donating to FFW

To donate to FFW, you can make an e-Transfer to

(It’s easy and secure. Your bank website will have details. For general information about e-Transfers click here.)

Please note: If you are making an e-Transfer, we ask that you include your contact information (name and email address or mailing address) in the area provided for a message. We’d like to know who you are! 

You can also contact FFW through this website, or deliver a cheque to any FFW Inc. director (see list below), or simply mail your cheque, made out to Friends of the Fraser Wetlands, to: Friends of the Fraser Wetlands, General Delivery, Woodview, Ontario, K0L 3E0.

Questions? You can email Jennifer David at

PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to issue tax receipts. Because part of our work involves political lobbying, we unfortunately do not qualify for charitable tax exempt status.

As we have now embarked on our four-week OMB Hearing regarding the proposed Burleigh Bay 60-lot condominium development at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), we urgently need your financial assistance in order to pay for the expert consultants – legal, planning, archaeological, biological, aquatic – who will form the backbone of our opposition.

Please give serious consideration to what a development on this scale will mean to the lake and to the functioning of the wetlands – nature’s filtration system — that define the Fraser property and have served Stony Lake and downstream bodies of water so well. And consider, too, that the approval of the developer’s condominium plan could set a precedent for development on Stony and its surrounding lakes that will forever affect the character of our cherished communities and quality of water we all depend on.

Please give generously!


Thank you!

FFW Directors: Jeremy Carver, Heather Brooks-Hill, Kate Reid, John McWilliams, Cath Kirk, Susan McWilliams, Jennifer David, Jen Lewis, Pat Bourne, Joe Carlino, Jenn Reid, Jamie Anderson, Bob Woosman

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