We thought it might be useful to share a variety of letters that have been written in support of protecting the Fraser Wetlands. Writing a letter of your own? Please scroll to the bottom for complete Township and Peterborough County contact information.


Here is the contact information for North Kawartha Council:

Clerk – Connie Parent: c.parent@northkawartha.on.ca

Mayor Rick Woodcock: mayor@northkawartha.on.ca

Deputy Mayor Doug Hutton: dmayor@northkawartha.on.ca

LETTER #1 – Letter from the Executive Director of Camp Kawartha

Letter From Camp Kawartha


From Dr. Aaron Thompson, environmental medicine specialist

LETTER #3 – From the Head of School, Lakefield College School

Lakefield College School letter

LETTER #4 – From the Association of Stoney Lake Cottagers (click on link)

ASLC Letter – Fraser Property


Dear Mayor Whelan,

You may recall that, as a property owner on the Burleigh Channel, Stony Lake, and a supporter of Friends of the Fraser Wetlands, I made some representations to you and your council opposing the proposed development of the Fraser Property at the August 23rd 2014 Statutory Public Meeting. During my remarks I engaged in a direct dialog with Mr. Dick with regard to an issue that I believe is fundamentally important in your consideration of the development proposal:

A great deal of reliance has been placed by the proponent on the environmental protection said to be provided by a buffer zone between the development and sensitive areas.
Much has been made of the proposal that Parks Canada Agency, as an independent third party, would manage the lands within the buffer zone under the Easement Agreement – monitoring permitted uses and undertaking remediation as required. This is, of course, not what the draft documentation says, and Mr. Dick admitted that all the responsibilities devolved to Parks Canada Agency, would in fact be assigned to the condominium corporation.This subterfuge would lead to an obvious conflict of interest between the stewardship of the buffer zone and the interests of members of the condominium corporation. It is unclear why Parks Canada would be a party to this transaction.The Council should reject the proposal and require the buffer lands be deeded to an environmental trust. Funds for the management of the buffer zone lands should be provided by the Burleigh Bay Corporation.

A second matter, which I believe is almost equally significant, became increasingly obvious at the meeting. That is the credentials of the Burleigh Bay Corporation. Almost no data was provided by BBC on their experience, past developments, financial position and indeed any information on whether they would be capable of mounting the proposed scheme. They provided some placards on a development on Saltspring Island, BC, but admitted when questioned, that they had no connection with it.

If the development were to be approved in some form or other, which I oppose for all the reasons submitted to you by the Friends of the Fraser Wetlands, and others at the meeting,
the Township should insist on a development agreement with the Burleigh Bay Corporation which would set out all the Township’s requirements, supported by a performance bond to protect the Township in the event of non-performance by the developers, whether in relation to the its undertakings or to the protection of the wetlands. Merely relying on bylaw enforcement would be ineffective and costly.

I trust that you and the Council will take these matters into consideration as you make your decision.

Respectfully Submitted,
John McWilliams QC
Shepherd Ln
Lakefield ON K0L 2H0


September 4, 2014

Re: The proposed development of the Fraser Wetlands on Stony Lake

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is with a sense of disappointment and grave concern that I feel compelled to put on record my profound objection to this development.

My family has been on Stony Lake since the mid 1950’s, on what is now considered Lot 2755 on the point in front of Juniper Point. My parent’s cottage predates the Juniper Point development which although over 50 years old remains a textbook example of how NOT to develop a lakefront community. 60 plus cottages on what was once a pristine wetland…

In 1992 I had the very good fortune to build on Lot # 2 on Stony Lake. Four generations of our family have now had the wonderful opportunity and responsibility of cottaging on Stony Lake.

This proposed development represents a serious threat to future generations of lake cottagers, pleasure boaters and the general public to enjoy this waterway.

Wetlands are a precious requirement for a healthy eco system and our future well being and are disappearing far too quickly. Water is our most precious resource. Provincially significant wetlands are just that and must be preserved at all costs, with absolutely no risk whatsoever to their future well being and ours. Algae blooms are serious indicators that the lake is already experiencing “stress”.

This part of lower Stony Lake between Burleigh Falls and Hurricane Point is in fact a relatively small, narrow waterway, part of which is the Trent Severn waterway, and is already subject to heavy boat traffic which includes large high speed vessels on the Trent, tubers, water-skiers, wake boarders, canoeists, kayakers, sailors and PWC operators, not to mention brave swimmers. The prospect of an additional 72 boats of any description on this waterway is very alarming, as the risk of accidents will no doubt increase.

I implore you to seriously assess and weigh the impact of this development and the future of Stony Lake and all downstream water bodies for this generation and all future generations. It will be extremely difficult and costly to turn back time. Please do not approve!


James and Linda Anderson

Lot # 2 Stony Lake

42 Caroline Street , Lakefield


September 9, 2014

Mayor Whelan,

Township of North Kawartha


Dear Mayor Whelan, Re Proposed Development of Fraser Property, Stony Lake

I am writing to you again out of my concern about the proposed development of the Fraser Property. I attended the meeting in the Community Centre on August 23, 2014 and was most impressed as I am sure you were by the size and ardour of the assembled tax payers and voters of the Township of North Kawartha and neighbouring townships.

In reviewing the presentation of the proposed development, questions arose which I feel were not addressed to my satisfaction during the meeting.

It is unclear that the proposed buffer zone is adequate to protect the wetlands scattered over the property. Some of the lots appeared to even include parts of the wetlands. Roads existing and proposed cross the wetlands and buffer zones. I recognize that some of the roads already exist but the proposal would widen and pave those roads to the detriment of the surrounding wetlands.

I was not impressed by the environmental consultation provided by the developer. I believe the Township should commission or at least insist on the developer allowing another, independent environmental assessment be done.

The developer should have to guarantee that the lake can handle the environmental load of the addition of such a large number septic systems all eventually filtering into the water we all share. What is the ‘carrying capacity’ of the lake? The developer must bring forward evidence that his development will not jeopardize the integrity of the water, upon which all the resident tax payers and voters rely.

In anticipation of the upcoming election, all candidates should and must state clearly their position on this proposed development. I believe failure to do so will ensure that they do not garner the vote of the taxpayers of North Kawartha. In this vein, I request that you clearly state your position on the proposed development of the Fraser Property. I await your statement of your position.


Robin Brooks-Hill, M.D.


This one was sent to the Selwyn Council, regarding the August 12th, 2014 deputation by two of our great supporters

Dear Members of Selwyn Council,

Next Tuesday, Pat Bourne and John McWilliams, two long-time members of the Stony Lake community and supporters of the Friends of the Fraser Wetlands, will appear before council to express their concern about the proposed development of the Fraser Property by the Burleigh Bay Corporation. In advance of their deputations, we’d like to present the following information for your consideration.

The Friends of the Fraser Wetlands is a non-profit group. It formed spontaneously in the Spring when full and part-time residents of Stony Lake, newly aware that the Burleigh Bay Corporation was nearing completion of its application to develop the Fraser property on Stony Lake, drew together to share information and research, and to advocate for the property’s essential wetland features and its significance as a cultural heritage landscape.

While lake capacity and heavy boat traffic are a growing concern on the lake, it is the health of the property’s two Provincially Significant Wetland complexes that is most critical.

Science tells us that these wetlands:

• act as nature’s filtration system

• provide vital habitat for a large variety of species (some endangered, such as the Blanding’s Turtle)

• mitigate erosion, flooding, and the effects of climate change

Stony Lakers, and indeed everyone downstream of the lake, depend on the Fraser Wetlands to cleanse the water that runs into the system. This precious resource, on which so many rely for sustenance and recreation, once lost, will be lost forever.

Other jurisdictions have learned this the hard way. The province of Manitoba recently launched a $350 million, multi-decade effort to rehabilitate Lake Winnipeg, whose abundant wetlands were sacrificed in favour of business interests and industry, and whose waters were eventually poisoned by toxic blue-green algae – the result of too much phosphorous and nitrogen seeping into the lake, unchecked and unfiltered by the compromised wetlands. (Source, CBC)

Last summer, algae blooms were found in Upper Stoney Lake and in Clear Lake. In recent years, the Peterborough County-City Health Unit issued a warning to Pigeon Lake residents not to use their lake water for any purpose after appearances there of toxic blue-green algae. In September, 2013, the Peterborough Examiner reported that the dangerous “blue-green algae continues to bloom on area lakes.”

Stony Lake is at a tipping point. Maintaining the health of the Fraser Wetland Complex is critical. Failure to do so will result in environmental degradation and, inevitably, economic consequences.

We invite you to take a few minutes to watch the following brief videos, in which Dr. Jeremy Carver, a scientist and adjunct professor at York University, explains some of the specific issues related to the Fraser Wetlands.

They include: What is a Wetland, Algae Bloom, Archaeological Significance, Provincially Significant.





Thank you for your time, and for the opportunity to speak before council.

Best Regards,

Jennifer David

On behalf of the Friends of the Fraser Wetlands


Dear Mayor Whelan,

My name is Dr. Anne Shepherd and I have a long history with Stony Lake.

My father Dr. Robert Shepherd was a physician who trained in Peterborough and worked and lived in Lakefield in the 50s. We bought one of the first properties on Shepherd Lane (2759) off Juniper Pt. Rd south of Burleigh Falls on a pristine lake known for its wildlife and clean waters for fishing and canoeing. I am very concerned that the proposed development of 60 condo units on the Fraser property will destroy the lake waterfront and the wetlands. The lake has developed greatly over the past 50 years with small cottages being replaced by significantly larger houses and an increase of boats and jet skis, which we have come to accept, but this proposal is out of place on this smaller area of the lake; can you imagine having sixty more power boats and jetskiis racing down from Burleigh?

On top of the noise pollution, there’s water pollution with a huge number of septic tanks, roads, and lawns being added to a sensitive wetland area. What are we thinking? This is a poorly informed decision in contravention of the proposals in the 2014 PPS. I was at the last meeting August 23, 2014 and I know a huge number of tax-paying short and long-term residents of the area are against this proposal.

I would hope our politicians and local councillors are listening to their constituents and not just seeing this development as a just another source of revenue for the Township. Don’t let the short-term gain of an economic bump for local builders and contract people cloud our long-term vision of how we want this beautiful lake to look in the future. My father started the first land trust in Quebec — the Ruiter Valley Land Trust. I would propose that the Fraser Estate be bought and transformed into a Land Trust that will make our children proud that we are preserving a significant area of wetland for birds and wildlife for future generations to come.

With thanks,
Dr. Anne Shepherd

I’d like to write a letter. Who should I send it to:

The proposed development would take place in North Kawartha Township, so it’s important to let the North Kawartha Council know about your concerns. If you happen to live in a township other than Northa Kawartha (Selwyn or Douro-Dummer) we advise writing to the mayors and deputy mayors of those townships, too.

One letter addressed to Mayor Woodcock of North Kawartha, sent to the North Kawartha township clerk and cc-d to your own mayor, your own township clerk and the County of Peterborough Clerk will put you on the public record. Their email addresses, along with the email addresses of the Mayors and Deputy Mayors, are below.


North Kawartha

Clerk – Connie Parent


Mayor Rick Woodcock

Deputy Mayor Doug Hutton



Clerk – Angela Chittick


Mayor Mary Smith


Deputy Mayor Sheri Senis



Deputy Clerk – Crystal McMillan


Mayor J. Murray Jones


Deputy Mayor Karl Moher


Peterborough County

Clerk – Sally Saunders


Manager of Planning

Iain Mudd


Director of Planning

Brian Weir




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