An Update:

The Friends of the Fraser Wetlands (FFW) worked diligently to raise awareness about the threat to the Fraser Wetlands by the proposed Burleigh Bay Corporation (BBC) development.

This work, both through face-to-face meetings and social media (www.friendsoffraserwetlands.com; http://www.facebook.com/friendsofthefraserwetlands), was supported by the efforts of the ASLC and the SLYC over the summer.

Sadly, no candidate took a firm stand in proactively challenging the premise that the proposed development would be detrimental to the ecological, historical and cultural landscape known locally as the Fraser Estate.

FFW obtained a legal opinion supported by a Supreme Court decision (1990) that candidates for office were free to express a personal opinion as part of their election platform. In spite of this opinion being circulated, no one declared publicly for the FFW solution: purchase the property.

Political engagement is essential for the healthy future of our Stony Lake. Therefore, FFW recommends that everyone exercise your franchise – VOTE!


The municipal election is taking place across Ontario on October 27th.

We strongly encourage everyone to vote!

There are decisions being made soon after the election that will affect our lake for generations to come. Our votes could make the difference!

We know that most of you have left the lake now and are immersed in life elsewhere, but you should know that events continue to unfold regarding the Fraser development proposal. Based on his actions to date, the Friends do not believe that Mayor Whelan, who is running for re-election in North Kawartha, will effectively challenge the developer who is proposing to build 60 condo units on the former Fraser Estate.

We need YOU to speak up! Your vote is your voice.

It’s never been easier

This week, or early next week, you should receive your voter kit, containing your mail-in ballot. The kits are being mailed automatically by each township to anyone on their voter list. If you are a property owner in North Kawartha, Douro-Dummer or Selwyn, you are entitled to vote. If you do not receive your kit, please contact your township office and they will register you.


North Kawartha Clerk – Connie Parent c.parent@northkawartha.on.ca/705-656-4445 ext. 234

Selwyn – Angela Chittick achittick@nexicom.net/705-292-9507 ext. 221

Douro Dummer – Crystal McMillan crystal@dourodummer.on.ca/705-652-8392 ext. 205

We encourage everyone to take a few minutes to complete the mail-in ballot and return it to your township by the deadline indicated in your voter kit.

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