Local Conservation


Three local groups whose goals and concerns regarding wetlands are much aligned with THE FRIENDS:

1. KLT kawarthalandtrust.org
“One day in May 1999, our founding board met to discuss the future of the land they loved. Having witnessed the loss of important natural places and foreseeing the farmlands, wetlands, grasslands, rivers, lakes and streams of the Kawarthas at risk for future generations, they decided to do something….”

2. ASLC stonylake.on.ca
“….The Association of Stony Lake Cottagers is a group of seasonal and permanent residents who seek to advance the recreational, environmental and other shared interests of Ston(e)y Lakers….”

3. EC enviroclearstoneywhite.ca
”….Wetlands in the southern part of the Province and on our lakes were rapidly disappearing due to development – a total of 70 percent wetland loss over the previous few decades. This concern was shared by what was then the Ston(e)y Lake Environment Council, which was working to try to protect the lake environment….”

“….the need for evaluation of wetlands on Clear, Ston(e)y and White Lakes was identified as early as 1990 by Trent-Severn Waterway (TSW) and other government bodies….”

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