The Fraser Estate is a significant natural, historical and cultural site on Stony Lake. It is defined by rare, untouched shoreline and large, vital wetlands that are important habitat areas for a wide range of species – including fish and turtles – many of which are diminishing in number, and one of which – the Blanding’s Turtle – is classified by the Ontario government as a “species at risk.” The property is also an important cultural and historical landscape on the lake, inhabited by Indigenous Peoples for thousands of years and most recently by the renowned local MP Gordon K. Fraser.

The Friends of the Fraser Wetlands is a group dedicated to working with the Stony Lake watershed communities to permanently protect the property in a manner that is fair and equitable for all.

To achieve these goals, the current development proposal for the Fraser Estate must be significantly modified. This will require that The Friends engage professional environmental, planning and legal consultants.

Please consider making a donation to support this important work. Cheques can be made out to: “Friends of the Fraser Wetlands” and mailed to: “Friends of the Fraser Wetlands” General Delivery, Woodview, ON, K0L 3E0

(Founding Friends: Ben Samann, Catherine Kirk, Heather Brooks-Hill, Jen Lewis, Jennifer David, Jeremy Carver, Ruth Dyer and Scott Wootton)

Want to learn more? Email friendsoffraser@gmail.com to be added to The Friends of Fraser Wetlands list serve.

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