Time to Write a Letter


Burleigh Falls and the Fraser Shoreline. Photo by William Berry | Dreamstime.com



Letter writing is effective!

During the summer of 2014 many of you participated in a highly successful letter writing campaign. You wrote about your concern for the Fraser property, your objection to the development plan on the table, and you cited the specific issues that worried you most: wetland protection, lake water quality, desecration of sacred First Nations sites, damage to wildlife habitat, noise, air and water pollution, and the danger of increasing the population on an already pressured lake system.

All of your objections were duly noted and became part of the public record concerning the Fraser property development application and the developer’s subsequent launch of an OMB appeal. It was a job well done!

But over the last year, the new North Kawartha Council has been inundated with a host of unrelated issues. Theirs is a busy agenda.

It’s time to bring the Fraser Wetlands back to the forefront and to remind the Council that the protection of the Fraser property is of prime importance.

It’s time to write another letter!

Please click here for a letter writing refresher course and for North Kawartha Council contact information.


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