Writing a Participant Statement


Are you a Participant in the upcoming OMB hearing (September 2016) regarding Burleigh Bay Corporation’s condominium proposal for the Fraser Property at Burleigh Falls? If so, the following information may be helpful.

Your written submission should be addressed to the OMB and follow the outline below:

  1. Identify yourself (or your organization);
  1. Provide the history of your (or your organization’s) involvement with the issue;
  1. Clearly state your position in opposition to the application;
  1. Provide the reasons why you (or your organization) oppose the application in as much detail as you can – the list of issues could be helpful here;
  1. State your support (or your organization’s support) for the position of FFW in wanting the Fraser Property under a Conservation Easement;
  1. State your support (or your organization’s) for the decision of North Kawartha Township Council to oppose the appeal by the Developer.

The following are two examples of actual Participant statements from OMB hearings. The first is the statement of an individual; the second is a detailed statement on behalf of an organization and includes attachments: (click page 2 to view documents)

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