OMB Prehearing – Your Support is Making a Difference!

It’s safe to say that Monday’s Prehearing Conference in Apsley was a tremendous success!

More than 250 of you showed up in support of the Fraser Wetlands, sending an unequivocal message to both the OMB and the developer that we are standing strong and standing together in our opposition to the development of this essential ecological resource and significant heritage landscape.


For those of you who weren’t able to make it on Monday, but were with us in spirit, a quick recap:

• The Prehearing Conference started at 11 a.m. and finished at 3 p.m.

• It was a spectacular turnout! Between 250 and 300 people filled the hall. Incredible! Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend. It was vital for a number of reasons, including the fact that the unusually large crowd helped to attract media attention (more on that below);

• In addition to the Developer (Burleigh Bay Corporation), the Township of North Kawartha, Friends of the Fraser Wetlands (FFW) and Curve Lake First Nation were granted Party status;

• Those seeking Participant status included the Association of Ston(e)y Lake Cottagers (ASLC), the Stony Lake Yacht Club (SLYC), The Environment Council for Clear, Stony, and White Lakes, the Kawartha Park Cottagers Association (KPCA), the Birchview Property Owners Association (BPOA), and the Juniper Point Cottage Owners Association (JPCOA) – in addition to a strong list of individuals; there will be some consolidation as groups with like issues are formed;

• It was FFW’s position that the Developer has not completed the file and a number of issues had yet to be dealt with before a Hearing Date could be set;

• Something everyone in attendance knows – we were more than ably represented by FFW lawyer David Donnelly of Donnelly Law;

• The Pre-Hearing Conference was adjourned until Monday, October 26 at 10 am (in the same venue) at which time the OMB will further consider an appropriate date for the full hearing; there are a number of matters to be factored in, including organizational issues, access to the Fraser Property, completion of further studies and issues related to First Nations, including duty to consult.

• CHEX TV covered the event and interviewed FFW President John McWilliams and Curve Lake First Nation Chief Phyllis Williams (see video after photos).

photo 1-4    The FFW table served coffee, snacks and information.

photo 1The hallway outside the meeting room.

photo 4-3

Inside, chairs are added to accommodate the crowd.

photo 3-2

Standing room only!

photo 2-4

Fraser Wetland supporters from Brownscombe Island.

photo 3-3

The Prehearing drew Friends of all ages.

photo 2

FFW lawyer David Donnelly briefs supporters.

CHEX TV from Peterborough was there, too. Here’s Mark Giunta’s report:

CHEX TV Report

At the end of the CHEX news segment, Curve Lake Chief Phyllis Williams affirms her community’s resolve: “We’re here to the end. We’re committed – and our council and community are, too.”

We couldn’t have said it better. We’re here to the end, and we know that you are, too.

Please continue to support the work that FFW is doing, by attending meetings — like the OMB Prehearing — and by donating so that we can finance the legal, planning, archaeological and environmental experts who will form the basis of our OMB case. For details, click here.

Best Regards,

John McWilliams, Jeremy Carver, Heather Brooks-Hill,
Ben Sämann, Pat Bourne, Jen Lewis, Joe Carlino, Mike Ormsby,
Susan McWilliams, Simon + Lorraine Bramson, Cath Kirk,
Jamie Anderson, Jenn Reid, Jennifer David

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