Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Thanksgiving Paddle, and to those who wrote to say they couldn’t make it, but were with us in spirit! We gathered – 45 canoes and kayaks strong! – in Clark’s Bay under clear blue skies, with only a whisper of wind,  to share fond memories of the Fraser Estate and our concern about its future. Following a word of welcome from Scott Wootton, and a photo session to document the occasion (thanks Larry!), we headed out to explore

Heading to Clark's Bay to join the flotilla
Heading to Clark’s Bay to join the flotilla

our way up the north shore of the Burleigh Channel. It was a wonderful way to take in the exquisite beauty of the Fraser property and to fully appreciate what’s at stake if the proposed development is approved. In particular, the long, narrow inlet near the west end of the property – with its shallow water, abundant wildlife, and active beaver (his dam is well under way) – is a spectacular, pristine wetland. If the developer has his way, it will be the site of 15 of his 60 units.

The crowd gathers
The crowd comes together
Scott welcomes the paddlers
Scott welcomes the paddlers




Attempting a group shot
Attempting a group shot


Paddles up!
Paddles up!

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