How can I help?

As a supporter of the Friends of the Fraser Wetlands, you know how hard the community has been working to protect the provincially significant wetlands that comprise much of the Fraser property and its shoreline.

This is an issue that affects us all, and will for generations to come. Healthy wetlands mean healthy watersheds.

Please help us preserve the Fraser Wetlands by donating today. 

Friends of the Fraser Wetlands Q & A

What is Friends of the Fraser Wetlands?

Friends of the Fraser Wetlands (FFW) was established in the spring by a group of concerned cottagers and full-time residents to try to preserve the environmental and cultural integrity of the 700-acre Fraser Estate and its large complexes of provincially significant wetlands, which have a profound effect on the water quality, aquatic life, and wildlife of Stony Lake.

Why do we need this initiative?

FFW is concerned that a proposed 60-lot condominium development will threaten the ecological integrity of the Fraser Estate and impact Stoney Lake. The Fraser Estate is home to the Provincially Significant Fraser Wetlands Complex , many sensitive environmental features, and 11 First Nation archaeological sites. The shoreline of the Fraser Estate spans kilometres of wilderness along Stony Lake and is some of the most prolific musky spawning grounds known anywhere in the Kawarthas.

What is FFW doing?

In order to challenge the proposed development, FFW is educating the public and raising funds to retain water quality, hydrogeology and biology experts, and a legal team. FFW is also working to inform the politicians at a municipal and county level and to raise their awareness to growing opposition to this development. FFW has also generated media interest in both the development proposal and the negative public opinion it has attracted.

What stage is this development at now?

The developer is seeking a zoning amendment, official plan amendment and a condominium plan approval to be able to move ahead with this development as it’s designed. The statutory public meeting occurred on August 23, 2014 with 250 people in attendance. The meeting lasted 4 hours with a strong majority in opposition of the development. The mayor of North Kawartha Council has stated that the decision will not take place prior to the October 27, 2014 municipal election.

Why now?

The development is now at the draft plan approvals stage and is getting close to being granted approvals with little consideration for any of the concerns and unanswered questions of Stony Lakers being addressed.

What are the possible outcomes?

The development gets dismissed at a municipal or county level (our best outcome)
The development goes to an Ontario Municipal Board for a decision either by request of the developer or FFW
The developer decides it’s not worth pursuing and Kawartha Land Trust – a local conservation organization – works to acquire the property at fair market value and preserve it in perpetuity.
The development gets approved as it is designed now or in a reduced design.

What is the cost estimate for the initial opposition?

To date, we have spent $25, 000 on legal opinions and consultations necessary for our arguments to North Kawartha Council. We need to raise a total of $200, 000. These funds will pay for expert opinions on hydrogeology, planning, and an environmental assessment, as well as further legal fees necessary to illustrate the enormous negative impact this development will have on Stony Lake.

Who has been approached for help?

At this point there has been a general request through email and letters handed out at the pubic meeting for donations. Neither the Heritage Foundation nor Kawartha Land Trust can be directly involved in funding due to their charitable status.

If all the money isn’t used, what happens to it?

The money will be redirected to the Kawartha Land Trust to enable it to to acquire and maintain property on Stony Lake in its natural state in keeping with the intended use of the donation.

Is the work of the Friends supported by other lake organizations?

Yes! Several established lake organizations have been working in collaboration with FFW, including The Association of Stoney Lake Cottagers (ASLC), The Kawartha Park Cottagers Association (KPCA), the Juniper Point Cottage Owners Association (JPOAC), and The Birchcliff Property Owners Association (BPOA), among others.

Will I receive a taxable receipt for my donation?

At this time it is not possible to issue a taxable receipt.

How Can I Help?

Inform yourself by reading the information on the website, watching the youtube videos (see the video link on our website) and by spreading the word to other lakers.

Write a letter of opposition (email) to your municipal and county politicians; addresses can be found on the website as is a guide for letter writing. Every letter has to be recorded and every letter helps. The municipal election is coming so this is an important step. It’s not too late to let the North Kawartha Council, and your own council if you live in Selwyn or Douro-Dummer, know how you feel about the proposed development.

Register to vote on October 27th. Election information can be found on the FFW website. If you own property on the lake, you are entitled to vote!

Please donate to support FFW as we work to save the Fraser Estate. We cannot fight this development without financial support from the community. We need your donations now! We are incurring on-going legal and professional fees as we carry on this fight.

Where can I find information to inform myself?
You can email us at

Who do I contact to donate?,
2. Heather and Jeremy at 705-654-4488,
3. Catherine Kirk at 705-761-1282, or mail a cheque to Friends of the Fraser Wetlands, General Delivery, Woodview, K0L3E0
4.Email donations can be made to

Thanks for your consideration,

The Friends of the Fraser Wetlands
Board Members: Ben Samann, Catherine Kirk, Heather Brooks-Hill, Jen Lewis, Jennifer David, Jeremy Carver, and Scott Wootton.

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